Monday, 27 May 2013

Hot Tub Myths Part 2: Buying a Hot Tub

Following the success of our last post in regards to 'hot tub myths', we feel that more could be added and so welcome to 'Hot Tub Myths: Part 2'. At Happy Hot Tubs we are committed to giving our customers the best service and these myths allow us to protect consumers from industry methods that could affect you, as the consumer.

The more horsepower, the better.
MYTH - This may be the case for racing but when it comes to hot tub this is not necessarily the case. Adding lots of pumps could just waste further energy, when it is not absolutely necessary. The salesman may highlight the huge horsepower of a hot tub but when you think about your electricity bill, you may be more inclined to go for a less powerful spa. Some newer brands have even began to exaggerate spa pump ratings. Internet companies that have recently emerged within the hot tub industry can easily round up a 1.5hp pump to 2 or 3hp without any legitimate certification. Just ensure you take the power talk with a pinch of salt.

A self-cleaning hot tub is better than others on the market.
MYTH - A 'self-cleaning hot tub'? Ask the salesmen to define what this means and how it differs from other brands. This is very clever marketing and one cannot deny that, however, the idea of a 'self-cleaning' hot tub that is marketed by some brands such as Hydropool is not as outstanding as you think. 'Self-cleaning' means that is has a filtration system and an ozone which is available in most other brands, just not marketed in such a way. All hot tubs with a Balboa control system will filtrate 2 times a day, keeping the water fresh. Go ahead and call this 'self-cleaning' if it makes you feel better. With a 'self-cleaning' system you will still need to top up the chemicals and you will spend the same amount of time maintaining a 'self-cleaning' hot tub as any other spa. So, do not buy into this clever branding, almost every hot tub is 'self-cleaning'.

Fully foamed spa cabinets are the best.
MYTH - This is not actually the case. Heat rises and therefore most of the heat lost in a hot tub is through your spa cover. For spas with a lot of space inside, it is better to have a cavity to allow warm air to be re-circulated by air injection jets. Full foam is once again a good piece of marketing but is not the best insulation for a hot tub. Ensure you take caution when being sold a fully-foamed spa for a it's energy saving capacity.

You pay a high price for high quality.
MYTH - Most small hot tub dealers will sell only 30-50 spas a year and will look to maximise the sale price for every customer. Larger stores will be able to charge less as they may be the sole dealer for those spas and therefore sell more at lower prices. At Happy Hot Tubs, we have some of the most competitive spa prices in the UK and have sold thousands nationwide, so not only can you feel safe about the price we are charging but also the high quality customer service that comes with buying a spa from us. 

Spa ratings and comparison sites are very useful.
MYTH - Who owns these sites? Well it is common knowledge within the industry that spa dealerships will create hot tub review sites and benefit from the leads they produce. An industry as specific as the UK hot tub industry is also very susceptible to backhanders for certain awards and certifications. The British and Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) was setup and chaired by our managing director, Simon, who created it to ensure that people were using their hot tubs safely and also to ensure the industry started to pay more attention to water safety at exhibitions. This has even become slightly politicised within the industry as approved members simply pay for membership. Be careful when looking at these review sites as they are not totally impartial. 

These are only a few tips that will help with the hot tub buying process, if you want impartial advice from real industry experts contact us on Twitter (@HappyHotTubs), Facebook ( or e-mail myself 

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