Monday, 12 September 2011

How to Drain a Hot Tub ?

It is recommended that you empty your hot tub roughly every 3 months, as the sanitisation of water can only go so far before chemicals do not affect the quality of water. So, this leads onto the question of, how do i drain my hot tub ?

Well, the first and most simple way would be using a built-in gravity drain, usually situated on the outside of the hot tub, either coming out of the base or panel. These are available on certain models, but not others, so ensure you check with your retailer to see if you have one built in. These drains usually work very simply, by either pulling out the drain to activate it, pressing the centre of the external adapter or simply turning a handle to allow water flow. The hot tub will then drain using gravity, this can be slow in some models, yet is increasingly efficient with newer models, draining hot tubs in less than 10 minutes. The main issue with these drains is their vulnerability to breakage and leaking, simply due to them being external and under high pressure from water. Once the hot tub is fully drained, ensure your drain is left open to prevent the pipes cracking due to freezing in winter.

If your hot tub does not contain a drain, don't worry, some hot tubs do not have drains due to the issues mentioned above, but there are still two simple ways to empty your hot tub.

Firstly, you can empty your hot tub using the traditional method of siphoning, using an existing hose pipe to slowly drain the hot tub. This is the more cost effective way, by using a hose pipe, one end in the hot tub, the other in the area you want to drain the water to, you then must get a flow of water going, by either sucking on the hose pipe or lifting up the hot tub end of the hose pipe and quickly placing back into the spa. Once the flow is going, you can leave the hose to drain the hot tub in its own time.

If you need the hot tub emptied faster than it would by siphoning, you will need to invest in a submersible pump (Image-Top Right). This is a water pump, with a floating cut-off switch, used to drain hot tubs in minutes. Simply plug in, place in the hot tub and wait for it to finish. The pump uses a lay flat hose to drain the water out, so you can customise the hose length to your requirements. To see the submersible pumps available from us see our website- ( or call us on (UK-0845 366 1122).

Happy Hot Tubbing.
Eddie. HHT.


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