Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hot Tub Removal and Disposal: Your Options

When an old hot tub is in such a condition that it must be removed from a garden and disposed of, multiple options exist in order to ensure the best outcome for all parties. It may be that the hot tub has an old wooden frame that has subsequently become rotten over the years and makes the hot tub very difficult to move. It could be the case that the old spa has stopped working and therefore you have given up hope, but in any case, we are here to help!

Trade-In Option

The first thing to consider is a trade-in. This is where your old spa could be traded in for a brand new hot tub with a potential discount attached for the supply of your old hot tub. This option is becoming more common, probably due to the advancement of hot tub technology and the cost savings that new hot tubs bring. Rather than assuming that your love for hot tubs has died with your old rotten spa, reinvigorate that passion for hot tubs with a fresh, new approach to hot tubbing. The Hot Spring Spas’ Energy Smart system that combines a variety of features such as the SilentFlo circulation pump and FiberCor foam results in a highly energy efficient hot tub that can save you a lot of money on running costs. See more about the Hot Spring Spa energy initiatives here - http://bit.ly/1fux0eL.

Considering a trade-in is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Head to your dealers website, input data about your existing hot tub, as well as some of your personal details and they will get back to you with a quote for the spas that interest you, with the price including the trade-in of your old spa. Check out our trade-in section here - http://bit.ly/1kkmAM8


If you are by no means tempted by a new spa then one would assume that removal or disposal is your best option. Most hot tub dealers will offer a removal service FOC or may charge a small fee for tough removal jobs even though this is quite rare. 

Usually removal will be as simple as delivery, with the spa being collected and transported back to a dealers warehouse. The dealer is likely to either breakdown the hot tub for parts or if good enough, refurbish the spa with the aim of putting it up for sale. If you see your spa up for sale for £2000 at your dealership, do not instantly assume that they have ripped you off. A dealer collecting a spa will have to invest resources in this process and refurbishment can also be costly. The main cost to a dealer in selling a used hot tub is the addition of a warranty, which requires the commitment to keep an older hot tub in good working order for a set period of time at their expense. This is obviously a consumers right and investment in this is vitally important for both the business and the consumer. 

Some removal jobs may be very difficult, with more resources necessary to remove a spa. These could include a crane, extra manpower or tools that may be required. In this case, a fee may be charged for removal to make it viable for a dealership. 

Disposal of a hot tub through proper mechanisms can be extremely costly due to the materials that the hot tub is built with. For items such as the cover, recycling can be easy, cut the polystyrene foam into sections and take it to your local waste disposal site. For the spa, Ebay could be a good option and offering items such as the shell could be useful for DIYers who are looking to build their own hot tub from scratch, these people would pay quite a lot for a hot tub shell in good condition. 

A Message From The Hot Tub Gods!

Do not give up! Hot Tubbing is an experience that everyone should enjoy and if your first experience with hot tubs hasn't gone exactly to plan, ensure that your next attempt does. 

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ― Elbert Hubbard.

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