Monday, 5 August 2013

Hot Spring Spas Heading to the South Coast!

Happy Hot Tubs are delighted to announce that we are to hold the exclusive dealership for Hot Spring Spas on the South Coast. This will see the worlds best hot tubs arrive at our showrooms within the next few weeks. 

Hot Spring Spas are the world's number-one selling brand of hot tubs and for over 30 years they have lead the way in state-of-the-art design and energy-efficient performance. Hot Spring recently reached the mark of 1 million global customers, showing the true strength and integrity of the brand.

The three hot tub collections available from Hot Spring ensure that every preference and budget is met. 

The decision to sell Hot Spring Spas is based on our drive for quality and efficiency. Our range of Astro Spas has proved to be a huge success and by becoming a Hot Spring dealer, we are building on this with a strong brand behind us. All Astro Spa warranties are unaffected and we will continue to stock Astro Swim Spas at our showrooms. 

We will keep you posted with more details via our social media sites.