Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hot Tub Moving

Moving house is a time when you may gather the possessions you want to move onto your new property and cull any that are not needed or wanted. But where in this process does your outdoor spa fit in ?

Some people decide to leave their garden hot tub at their old property, in order to add value and encourage a sale. This is common, as the hot tub value can extend the likeliness of a sale in the same way that a swimming pool would. It can also be used for bargaining power, informing the buyer that you want to take the hot tub, but then changing your mind and convincing the buyer to purchase, with the hot tub thrown in.

Others decide that their hot tub must travel with them to a new property. This is an increasingly popular decision, with hot tub moving services, such as ours, becoming cheaper and more convenient. If you search "moving hot tub" on YouTube, you will begin to realise that some people choosing to move their hot tub themselves are met with lots of problems and struggle intensively.....But there is a solution.....

Our hot tub moving service was one of the first in the UK, and with our experienced engineers who have moved thousands of tubs and the increasingly sophisticated equipment available to us, moving a hot tub has never been simpler. Why struggle ? when we can move your hot tub with ease, speed and at a convenient low price.

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  1. There are lots of people who don't consider the whole moving aspect when buying a tub. Great article, thanks.